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== Other related guides ==
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Introduction: CyanogenMod is a robust derivative of Android, all things developed additionally are free software, and with it the user is liberated of Google corporation requirements to monitor the communications and to trade with the personal data. At the same time, it includes the necessary tools to both experts and unexperienced users can study, improve or customize the installation. This is a guide to replace the operating system in devices released with Android.

Important notes:

  • Some manufacturers don't attend warranty on devices with the operating system replaced.
  • Replacing the operating system can clean the user data, then is better to make a backup of it before.

Take note of the exact device model

It can be seen usually with this path:

  1. Menu button
  2. Option System configuration / Settings
  3. About the phone / About the device (is often one of last options)

You may already know that it is for example a "Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1", but you must know the exact model number from the manufacturer, for example "GT-P5110", because it can change the appropriate software version or variant.

Getting the package for your device

Find the last CyanogenMod version ready for your device from the overview table in the distribution wiki. Search on the tradename column, and check that the rest of the data in the row don't differ from your device. To download the appropriate package, touch the version number (preferably Stable that Experimental).

Don't unpack, and copy it to a memory card (it's the easiest way).

Preparing the device

Have the device without any plugged cable.

Shut down the device, and enter to "Recovery mode". Dzul Fadli gives examples of how to do it with a similar mode (Download mode) with Samsung devices, with HTC devices, with Sony-Ericsson devices, with Acer, Dell and Toshiba, aparatos LG, and also with Motorola. There are also two people that sow in video how they do it (1 and 2)

If for example for the "Download mode" is used the down volume (VOL DOWN), then for the "Recovery mode" must be the other key (up volume).

If you have done it right, it will start with some drawing or anagram, until appears a menu with english text options.

Install the new Firmware/ROM

  • If available, select the option "Wipe cache partition" -> Yes
  • If available, you can make a backup copy of the current Firmware with an option as "backup" (to external sdcard?)
  • Select an option like "Apply update from external storage" or "Install Zip from SDcard" and it will show the main directory content (choose Zip). Select the downloaded .zip file to the Download directory, or to the memory card. -> Yes
If it ends with an error message like "signature verification failed", it means that this Recovery application only accepts packages from the same manufacturer as the device. Solution: replace Recovery for ClockworkMod ROM Manager, and try again.
  • Return to the main menu (Go Back), and restart the device (Reboot system now).

You will see that the presentation graphics are so different. The first boot takes some time because it builds the new Cache, but if the task becomes eternal, you can force the device to reboot (holding the start button pressed long).

  • If startup doesn't complete in the current state, there is no other option: clean user data with the following options in the Recovery tool:
Wipe Dalvick cache (advanced) -> Yes
Wipe data/Factory reset -> Yes

Customize the very basics


  1. Applications menu
  2. Settings
  3. Language & input

F-Droid, SL4A and more independent applications

  1. Applications menu
  2. Configuration
  3. security
  4. Unknown sources -> Mark

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