Debian on Android

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Summary: This is a guide to make work a container with Debian GNU/Linux inside a session of the Android Operating System.

Superuser permissions (root)

It's a requisite to have "su" access to administer the operating system. You can see the guide Open permissions in Android

F-Droid repositories system

Although the wizard can ve directly downloaded from the web, it's recommendable to use a free software manager as F-Droid or BotBrew to have the most stable version and its updates. You can see the guide F-Droid package manager.

LilDebi wizard

This application fron "The Guardian project" is useful to setup and manage a Debian installation in parallel on an Android device. It can build a Debian install from scratch with debootstrap or use an existing preinstalled image. It provides start and stop methods for handling mounting, disk checking, SSH service, etc.

  1. Install LilDebi
  2. Open the application
  3. Press «Install»
  4. According to your device's free space, ament the space to dedicate (Image size)
  5. Press «Install»
  6. Press «Start Debian»