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Summary: The Android operating system that comes preinstalled from manufacturer has administration access locked, and here are described methods to get superuser permissions (root). Warning: Some manufacturers don't attend the warranty over unlocked devices.

Anotate the exact model of the device

It usually can be found with the following path:

  1. Menu button
  2. System setup option
  3. About the device (it's often one of the last options)

You may already know that is for example a «Samsung Galaxy S III», but have to know the exact manufacturer model number, as for example «GT-I9300», because it can vary the adequate software version or variant.

Get the CF-Root software

Download CF-Root's images to your exact model from the official web (File > Download)

The archive has to be unpacked until getting the .img files (usually recovery.img , cache.img and something more)

  • An alternative is the tool from Unrevoked, which will be confirmed by someone who tests it.

Get the Heimdall utility

Download the free software Heimdall (not he failing version 1.3.2) from the official web and install the package corresponding to your computer's architecture: i386/x86 is for 32 bits, AMD64/Intel64 is for 64 bits.

Prepare the device

If it's the first time you start the device, do it skiping as much questions as you can until you find the configuration icon where to look for the options. Android usually gives only one opportunity to do it before accepting the user conditions from Google corporation.

In a normal situation, with the menu button you will find the System setup option, and near the end of the list you will find the "Developer options". Here is where you can enable the "USB debug" you need.

Then shut down the device, and enter to «Downloading mode». Dzul Fadli gives examples about how to do it with Samsung devices, for HTC devices, for Sony-Ericsson devices, for Acer, Dell and Toshiba, aparatos LG, and also for Motorola. Also two people show in video how they do it (1 and 2)

Load the CF-Root that does the job

Plug the device to the computer through USB cable.

With this CF-Root starts temporally there, which lets device to reboot:

sudo heimdall flash --recovery recovery.img --cache cache.img

If the device doesn't complete a normal startup, restart as you can and start it again until all is normal. The permissions are already open.

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